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Meghan Telpner

How to Make Grain-Free Almond Bread

This was one of the first ever recipes I created for my blog, and it has since gone through numerous variations. I have been loving this bread with pretty much everything on it. It is great topped with a simple bruschetta mix with chopped heirloom tomatoes, fresh basil, some minced garlic, olive oil and sea salt.
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Health Food With a Side of Pretension Makes Me Sick

I am lucky to have enough time and resources to not completely give up on nutrition. I do what I can. But the bar for healthy eating is set so high that ordinary, working people cannot realistically reach it, you're doing everybody a disservice. When things like the Canada Food Guide are vilified for including too many refined grains and not enough vegetables, for not going far enough, then those people who only ever get a fraction of the recommended veggie intake tend to give up altogether. Most people want to be healthy. They want to eat well. They also want to know the little bit that they can do counts. Guys, it's just food. And we are damned lucky to have enough of it.

10 Ways to Get Your Family Healthy

This year I resolved to get my family more healthy and active, by employing 10 simply strategies. I had taken inventory of my family's daily nutrition, and realized that there was room for improvement in both the quality and quantity of food that my family consumed. So here are the 10 simple strategies.
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Five "Health Foods" That Are Hurting You

For the most part, we know that real, whole foods, are the way to go, but what about those products that we have become accustomed to that claim to be doing us good, but are really just hurting us in the long run? Here is a look at a few supposedly healthful favourites that we would all do well to rethink.

Feeling Sluggish? Time For A Cooking Oil Change

In terms of oils, most health conscious consumers are on board with the notion, "canola and vegetable bad, extra virgin olive and coconut good." It seems like there are new varietals hitting the shelves everyday -- flavoured oils are hot right now -- but here's the rundown on a few you might want to consider adding to your pantry.
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What Super Tasty Superfoods Can Do for You

Superfoods are a category of foods found in nature; they are superior sources of essential, super-power nutrients -- nutrients we can't make ourselves. They are the most powerful foods on the planet, and are powerhouses for the transformation to a slender, healthier you. If you are what you eat, why not be super?

8 Ready-Made Health Foods Not to Miss

Going into a health food store is daunting -- even for me. There is just so much stuff, so many labels, so many claims. Multiply that by a hundred and that is what the annual Canadian Health Food Association's Trade Show is like. Out of the loads of products I taste tested, reps that I chatted with, and packaging I scrutinized, a few products stood out.

End of Summer Smoothie: Get Your Greens On!

I can not believe that the dear sweet summer is drawing to a close in the next few weeks. But what's in season now, is Ontario watermelon! Watermelon is comprised of about 92 per cent water, which makes it highly hydrating. So what better food to use in a pre-workout morning smoothie, right? I decided to whip up one up after my morning run, and I came up with this super powered, super hydrating, and super yummy smoothie.
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Will You Eat Pepsi's New Greek Yogurt?

Sales of Greek-style yogurt in the U.S. have jumped 2,500 per cent in the last five years, with annual sales this year predicted to reach $1.5 billion, an increase making it one of the "hottest growing food products" of all time. And Pepsi's jumping on the train. Pepsi's strategy is to launch "fun" Greek yogurt, which translates into "fun for you," "better for you" and "good for you" (when it really contains six teaspoons of sugar)!
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Kale Chip Recipe Will Get Your Greens in!

My clients always ask me, "If there is one thing I can do to better my health, or one food item I can add in that is amazing for me... what is it?" My answer is always greens! For instance, kale is fantastic when it is just lightly steamed or sautéed -- they even make great "chips" (see recipe below).

How Do You Like Them Apples? McDonald's In Health Food Push

TORONTO - McDonald's Canada is adding dairy and trimming some of the fat from its Happy Meals as part of a broader health push.By the beginning of next year, the children's meal boxes will come with a serving of strawberry yogurt and a smaller, 31-gram serving of fries that contains 100 calories.