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The Great One's Good Advice

The Great One has a message for the young ones. Wayne Gretzky on Wednesday told Hockey Night in CanadaRadio listeners to remain patient and that building a winning product in Edmonton will take time,...

So Much For That Boycott, Canada

TORONTO - CBC is touting the long-awaited return of "Hockey Night in Canada" — and its Saturday night viewers.The public broadcaster says it drew record numbers for the first NHL broadcast of the seas...

Let Your Child Handle the "Mean Girl"

It's completely normal want to protect your kids when they come home crying because someone was blatantly mean to them. But isn't it true that dealing with these situations helps build character? And if they can't deal with these situations and only rely on us, aren't we setting them up for failure in the future?

Children Can Be Expensive

With four kids, money rarely physically stays on my person for more than a minute. It comes directly from the ATM, barely touching down into my wallet, before it goes out to the waiting hands of a retail merchant. I think this is partly because of safety concerns, but also it's also somewhat due to our own gullibility in believing what they really "need."
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Yoda Had One Thing Wrong: It's OK to Try

So I know Yoda is a Jedi Master and all that, but he's got something wrong. One of his most favourite claims -- "Do, or do not. There is no 'try,'" -- has a big hole in it. He's suggesting that if you make enough of an effort to achieve a goal, you should be able to reach that goal. And that if you fail, your effort or conviction was lacking. That certainly hasn't been my reality.