The Wrong Kind of Chill During a Heat Wave

In the past few days I have received a number of requests form Toronto Hydro asking me to conserve. So when I went into the Body Shop on Bloor Street in Toronto at midday on Wednesday the 17, the doors were wide open as if they were trying hard to air condition Toronto. I beat up on them to close the doors and they did.


Metro Vancouverites better get set to feel the heat, as temperatures are expected to climb as high as 30 degrees Celsius in parts of the region for Canada Day Long Weekend. Friday and Saturday are exp...

Heat Wave Just The Beginning

TORONTO - It's hot and it's going to get hotter.Environment Canada predicts the uncommonly hot weather that has swept many provinces in recent days is here to stay."The longer range models are still i...

Hot, Dry Weather Has Farmers Sweating

MONTREAL - Extreme heat and dry conditions in parts of Central and Eastern Canada have led to a surge in forest fires, limitations on water use, and concerns that crops could be ruined if there's not...

Scorcher! So Much For That Dry Heat

REGINA - The land of the wind chill has become the home of humidity.Humidex advisories issued Tuesday warned that it could feel like 40 C or higher in many parts of central and southern Saskatchewan....

It's Your Turn, Western Canada

Western Canada is about to be hit by the same weather system that has been scorching many parts of the American Midwest, while Central Canada is getting relief from record-setting temperatures. A mas...

HOT Summer Ahead, Says Weather Guru

TORONTO - A hotter and drier summer than usual is in the cards for Canadians, the country's top weather guru says."There's no guarantee with weather — not in Canada, maybe in Malta or Cyprus or Honolu...

Heat Wave Bakes Much Of Ontario, Quebec

TORONTO - Smog added to the misery in southern Ontario on Wednesday as a wide swath of central Canada sweated out the second straight day of scorching weather.The hot spell coming in from the U.S. has...