Heather Mallick

Photo by Bhaskar Dutta via Getty Images

The Top Five Most Outrageous Canadian Editorials of 2013

Calling an editorial "offensive" simply implies hurt feelings, which implies cruel motive, which demands censorship. Not a string of conclusions I'm eager to draw in a society with constitutionally-protected freedom of expression. No, the following five editorials are merely "outrageous," in the sense they got a great many folks riled up, shocked, annoyed, or befuddled. That's not always a bad thing.

On Sex and Religion in School, Media Coverage Fails

Education is a hot topic in Canadian editorial pages at the moment, following some recent hullabaloo of parents demanding their kids be able to opt-out of classes involving various ungodly topics, like sex and global warming. All columnists, of course, dance around the awkward fact that this story is as much about immigration as education.