Hells Angel Claims 'Bullying' By Police

A Hells Angels member from Calgary has claimed that police bullied Lethbridge businesses in an effort to stop a gathering in the city last month. Randall Irons told The Calgary Sun that cops went too...

Hells Angels Defend Rob Ford

A notorious motorcycle gang with ties to illegal activities is rushing to the defence of embattled Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. On Sunday, Ford posed for a picture with two members of Hells Angels Westridg...

The Notorious Bacon Brothers: Inside Gang Warfare on Vancouver Streets

Jamie Bacon didn't even see the two guys on the street in front of the Surrey house at about one in the morning on April 13. But as he drove his Corvette into the driveway, the two men sent a cascade of .45-caliber shells at him. Five shells hit the car, seven penetrated the garage door. Jamie instinctively leapt from the car, which continued to roll until it hit the house. As the two assailants ran away, Jamie pulled out a Glock handgun and fired four shots at them.

Jonathan Bacon Gang Slaying Won't Be The Last

Of course, selling drugs is a dangerous game. With so much money involved, friction between rival gangs often emerges, and disagreements over territory frequently erupt into violence. Because of this, gangs form alliances for mutual protection. In B.C., as with the rest of Canada, those alliances fall into two groups -- those aligned with the Hells Angels and those against them.