Heritage Minister James Moore


Harper, the Museum of Civilization Ain't Broke, so Don't Fix it

Canada's most-visited museum, the Museum of Civilization, is a staple in the National Capital Region. It has garnered sustained interest from locals and foreigners alike with its exhibits showcasing the splendour of cultures and civilizations worldwide. In an abstruse move, the Harper government is announcing today that the beloved museum's mandate is being rebranded to focus solely on domestic history, while the overarching themes of military and monarchy -- sweetheart conservative subjects -- have been touted as guiding principles.

How Copyright Bill Will Affect You

Canada has been trying to reform its copyright legislation, which was last updated in 1997, for several years now. There have been four attempts to date to pass amendments that would bring the Copyri...

Tories To Skip South Korea World Fair

VANCOUVER - The federal Liberals say the Conservative government is making a mistake by skipping next year's world's fair in South Korea.Heritage Minister James Moore has said Canada won't participate...