Hockey Lockout


NHL Lockout Heading To Court

TORONTO - The focus of the NHL lockout is shifting from the bargaining room to the courtroom.A class-action complaint was filed by the league on Friday which asked a federal court in New York to make...

Obama To NHL: 'Do Right By Your Fans'

WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama is urging the NHL and the players' association to "do right by your fans" and find a solution to the league's lockout.Obama says in an interview with WCCO-TV in Min...

Fed Up With NHL Lockout? Another Sport Is Just A Stone's Throw Away

If this was Brazil and someone had cancelled soccer, we'd be taking to the streets in protest. If this was Texas and someone had cancelled football, we'd be chaining ourselves to the league's headquarters in protest. With no end in sight to the NHL lockout, maybe it's time for Canadians to make the ultimate protest -- just switch ice sports. It's a radical idea, but it has merit. Hear me out.

'Everybody's Going To Lose'

PITTSBURGH, Pa. - Sidney Crosby says it takes two to tango.The Pittsburgh Penguins captain stood by his comments voicing frustration Tuesday at the lack of movement in negotiations on a new collective...

When He Thinks The Season Will Start

Coach's Corner star Don Cherry gave a less-than-optimistic take on how long the NHL lockout will last while joining CBC's Metro Morning radio show on Thursday. Cherry, who was also on to mark the 60t...

Another Brick In The Wall

The NHL's labour talks have entered a dark period. When that will lift is anyone's guess.Rather than working towards progress on a new collective bargaining agreement in the coming days, the league is...

NHL Talks Secretly Resume

TORONTO - The NHL's collective bargaining talks resumed unexpectedly and the sides are committed to staying in touch through the weekend.An unannounced session with the primary negotiators was held at...

Fans Pray To The Hockey Gods

MONTREAL - Hockey fans were holding onto the possibility over the weekend the NHL lockout could come to a quick end, despite little sign of progress in the negotiations.The NHL closed its doors at mid...

Labour Board Won't Block NHL Lockout

MONTREAL - A request for a temporary injunction against an NHL lockout was rejected Friday, but both the league and the players' union claimed victory.The Quebec Labour Relations Board turned down the...