Holiday Food

Holiday Food Grinch: Which Foods to Avoid

Do you have any idea how many calories are in some of the ubiquitous foods on the holiday table? Here is a list of the foods I avoid at all costs; they are just not worth it, no matter how good they taste. If you put them all together in one evening, you could be waddling home with an extra 3000 calories.
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The Main Ingredients Holiday Challenge: Holiday Potluck (Challenger's Meal)

I'm pretty fortunate to have a broad list of contacts available to me, and among them is celebrity chef Christian Pritchard. When I was at a loss for how to pull off this challenge, I reached out to him and he quickly called me while he was in between shows at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto. Within only a few minutes we hammered out the framework for a dish, which I continued building out until I eventually came up with the following recipe. Enjoy!