Holiday Shopping Tips

How to Avoid the Headache of Holiday Shopping

December is the month of holiday and shopping. Regardless of one's religious and cultural background, one cannot resist the temptation of going out shopping. You get all kinds of offers that distract you from making sound decision. It requires self-discipline and a strong mind to win the battle and look the other way.

Five Ways to Holiday Shopping Salvation

A daunting shopping list, annoying music at full volume, crowds of people walking with their heads down texting...welcome to the fresh hell that is holiday shopping. The stress of shopping can make even the most festive, patient person want to start throwing elbows, but some of the trauma can be curbed with these five tips.

SavvyMom Roundup: A Holiday Gift Guide

We have officially entered into the holiday season, whether we like it or not. It's all about the sounds of Christmas jingles in grocery stores, gingerbread house kits, sparkles, baubles and great gift ideas everywhere we turn. Instead of fighting it, I say bring it. Get your shopping done early so you can enjoy the festivities and family when the big day (and school break) arrives.