Home Ownership

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An Insurance Guide For Home Buyers

While most people think about home insurance as protection for costly events that can happen to their home, it's also important to think about the things that can put your ability to pay for your home at risk. To help you protect your dream home, no matter the situation, here are a few insurance tips and must-haves for your new purchase.

Four Reasons Commercial Real Estate Will Change For Good

Until now, the lack of innovation in commercial real estate has led to limited options for both buyers and sellers. This will start to change as technology and law changes have paved the way for innovative companies to offer similar services for a fraction of the cost. In the end, this will mean more options, lower cost, and better service for commercial buyers and sellers.

'Seismic Shifts' For Canadian Youth

Canada's young people are entering adulthood at a time of "seismic shifts" in the social landscape, an era in which the usual transitions from school to a career, family and home ownership have been d...

A Home is More Than Just Shelter

A common misconception about Habitat is that our homes are a handout, but what we actually provide is affordable homeownership, with low-income partner families repaying the full market value of their home over time. Last year, the lives of 227 families struggling to break the cycle of poverty began to be transformed as they moved into Habitat homes built in communities across Canada. Homeownership can change lives.

Homes Slightly More Affordable: RBC

OTTAWA - New reports from bank economists find low interest rates are keeping Canadian house prices within reach of homebuyers in many markets — although Vancouver remains an exception because of its...