10 Ways To Reinvent The Chicken Breast

BiteMeMore.com | Posted 05.29.2017 | Canada Living

Winner winner, chicken dinner! It's the easiest thing to serve up on a busy weeknight. And it's the one dish you know will please everyone at the table -- even your picky eater. But by now you're probably tired of the same 2 or 3 recipes you make, week after week. We're here to change that.

Top 10 Healthy Summer Snacks

BiteMeMore.com | Posted 05.23.2017 | Canada Living

Summer is almost here! Which means we're saying a tearful farewell to our favourite winter warm-ups; hot chocolate, mac n' cheese bites, pumpkin pies and beaver tails. As we get ready for summer entertaining and afternoons spent lounging by the pool, we're switching gears and serving up lighter bites to satisfy our cravings.

10 Snacks To Get You Through The NBA Playoffs

BiteMeMore.com | Posted 05.03.2017 | Canada Living

Even though we'll be battling against last year's NBA Champions, we have high hopes for the home team and we'll be celebrating every game day. As much as we love cheering in the stands, there's nothing like watching the game at home in sweats with our family. But our favourite part about watching at home is being surrounded by snacks galore!

3 Reasons To Start Eating Manuka Honey

The Huffington Post Canada | Joy D'Souza | Posted 03.24.2017 | Canada Living

Sugar that's actually good for your teeth?! It's true.

Separating Food Facts From Fiction

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre | Posted 03.17.2017 | Canada Living
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

A small handful of nuts (30 grams) eaten each day may reduce your risk of developing heart disease and has been linked with lower body weight and lower risk of obesity. Use a handful of nuts as a substitute for unhealthy snack options such as muffins, cookies, chips and chocolate. A 30 gram serving is about the size of a golf ball.

Cutting Refined Sugar Out Of Your Life

Deepi Harish | Posted 01.24.2017 | Canada Living
Deepi Harish

Sugar isn't just about adding sweetness to your baked goods; it carries a different behaviour depending on what you're baking and what the sugar is being combined with.

The Bee-Friendly Pesticide Alternative That Has Farmers Buzzing

Marc Davis | Posted 06.23.2016 | Canada Business
Marc Davis

A small Mississauga-based agri-tech company called Bee Vector Technologies (BVT) has created an environmentally friendly alternative to spraying crops with toxic pesticides. It also provides farmers with meaningful cost savings, especially over the long-term -- savings that can be passed on to consumers.

Get That Summer Glow In 5 Easy Steps

Posted 06.23.2016 | Canada Style

Achieving soft and radiant skin may seem like an impossible task, but we’re going to let you in on a secret -- getting that summer glow is easier (and cheaper) than you think.

How Italian Mountain Honey Is Made

Tamara Griffiths | Posted 05.25.2017 | Canada Living
Tamara Griffiths

Think of Italy and one thinks of food, but not many people think 'mountains.' Yet mountains remain a principle source of the traditional, handcrafted food production Italy is famous for. And nowhere is that more true than with honey production.

This Two-Ingredient Mask Will Fight Those Pesky Blackheads

The Huffington Post Canada | Monika Markovinovic | Posted 04.04.2016 | Canada Style

And you probably already have these two items in your kitchen.

10 Pretty Sweet Benefits Of Eating Honey

The Huffington Post Canada | Arti Patel | Posted 05.14.2015 | Canada Living

From teas to a spread to straight out of the comb, honey is said to be one of the world's oldest sweeteners, and even today, the health benefits are s...

The Bad News About Artificial Sweeteners

Jason Tetro | Posted 11.21.2014 | Canada Living
Jason Tetro

It's been a rather tough year for artificial sweeteners. In that time, three new studies have been released suggesting they are poor substitutes for sugar. In the spring, an investigation into their use revealed a disconcerting association with the onset of depression. Then, a long-term analysis of their use revealed they may contribute to overall weight gain.

Bee-Killing Germs May Leave You With Less Food Options

Jason Tetro | Posted 09.27.2013 | Canada
Jason Tetro

2012-05-28-GermGuyBanner.jpg For centuries, bees have been a steady part of agriculture. However, in the last decade, due to a rather pesky germ and modern day crop management, this stability has been threatened. What's worse is that the impact could lead to less choice at the grocery store and inevitably higher prices. This past week, scientists definitively found the source of the bee population downturn. Unfortunately, it may be a case of too little, too late.

Agriculture Operations in Alberta: Breaking Down The Different Types

Teresa Falk | Posted 06.10.2013 | Canada Alberta
Teresa Falk

Golden fields of wheat blowing in the breeze and cows lazily grazing in the lush green pasture are the first things that come to most people's minds when they think of Alberta agriculture, but there's more to the provincial ag industry than grain and cattle. The Wild Rose province is home to many different types of agricultural operations such as beekeeping, sugar beets, pulses, market gardens, elk, bison, pork, chicken, lamb, turkey, dairy, eggs and much more.

Finding the Right Protein Smoothie for You

Shannon Kadlovski | Posted 12.16.2012 | Canada Living
Shannon Kadlovski

Protein is an extremely important nutrient that must be obtained in the diet daily. Protein in liquid form, as opposed to food, is much easier on the body and provides quick energy and nourishment. Food sources can take up to two hours to process, whereas a protein shake takes only 30 minutes. Try one of these delicious protein smoothie recipes, or create your own! The options are endless.

You Won't Bee-lieve What Honey Can do For You!

Erin Maynes | Posted 11.13.2012 | Canada Living
Erin Maynes

For a true burst of flavour, pick up a jar of local raw honey gathered from local bee hives. Because bees don't travel very far from the hive, the honey tastes like everything that blooms in the area, rather than a single distinctive note. Raw honey is fresh from the comb. It's not heated excessively and therefore is brimming with nutrients and enzymes. It's these enzymes which make raw honey so digestible to humans. Here are some more benefits of honey.

How To Treat Illnesses Naturally: At Home Remedies

The Huffington Post Canada | Posted 03.13.2012 | Canada Living

Your grandma was onto something when she healed your sicknesses and scrapes with things she had in her kitchen. Roughly 73 per cent of Canadians r...