How To Diet

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Why Diet Plans Don't Work

We are impatient by nature which is why a full-throttle diet overhaul seems like a great choice. People always want the quick and easy. Unfortunately, we are not wired to support such a plan. For this reason, when it comes to sustainable weight loss, a behaviour-based diet and lifestyle plan makes the most sense. How?

I'm Losing Weight -- Why You Gotta Hate?

Another stellar week on the Lindora weight-loss plan -- in two weeks I've lost 14.2 pounds. I've been learning a lot about myself but I've also been learning a lot about you, dear readers. Some of you get seriously crabby upon reading about other people's weight loss. Last week's blog where I wrote about losing 7.2 pounds had a lot of tomatoes thrown at it in the Comments section.

How I Lost 7.2 Pounds in a Week

I've lost the weight using the Lindora plan and virtually no gimmicks. There are no magic pills. If you are compliant with this plan you too will lose A LOT of weight -- quickly. I am eating very small portions of protein for every meal. I am drinking 80 ounces of water and also taking potassium and fibre supplements. Oh, and every day I get a shot.