Huffington Post First Birthday

The Week That Was: Royalty, Revelry and Rioting

Well, it was quite the week -- beginning with a showy demonstration of fireworks for the visiting Royals and ending with demonstrations by thousands of student protestors in downtown Montreal. In between, HuffPost Canada celebrated its first birthday with quite the party. Our own royalty, HRH Arianna was, in attendance -- and our blogger, Lord Black, made his first big public appearance since being released from prison on May 4.

Week 16: Can I Have My (Birthday) Cake and Lose Weight Too?

My family is, indeed, taking me out to my favourite restaurant. I will enjoy myself and eat/drink moderately. But I am also working out at least five days a week. And tomorrow I'll carve out extra time, enough to run 10K, just for insurance. I am 53 years old and I weigh 231.6 pounds. I never want to weigh more than that ever again.

HuffPosters Know How to Party!

What a birthday celebration that was! The true definition of a cocktail mixer ... a superb and beautifully balanced blend of present and past political leaders, artists, publishers, prominent Bay Streeters, celebrated journalists, social entrepreneurs, dreamy young interns, our very own national corporate celebrity felon and -- of course -- the one and only Arianna Huffington.