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Gen Y Faces Big Risk

David Macdonald | Posted 01.26.2013 | Canada
David Macdonald

2012-11-19-slavkoaskingybanner.jpg In an interesting new piece, the Huffington Post tries to determine if it's really tougher for millennials than it was for boomers as part of their Asking Y series. Certainly lots of things have changed since the 1970s: gas has gotten more expensive, electronics have become dramatically less expensive and cars cost about the same. But one thing's for sure, life has gotten a whole lot riskier.

A Generation of "Y"-ners? I Don't Think So

Jeffrey Bernstein | Posted 01.25.2013 | Canada Living
Jeffrey Bernstein

2012-11-19-slavkoaskingybanner.jpg HuffPost Canada has been Asking Y -- presenting a series to dig deeply into the malaise which has come to characterize the ostensible hijacking of my generation's shot at upward mobility.Were we duped, en masse, to believe we could do anything? I don't buy the nay-saying.