Hydro Quebec


Thousands Without Power In Montreal

Hydro-Québec crews are restoring power to tens of thousands of customers after strong winds buffeted southern Quebec Tuesday night, downing branches and power lines.  In Montreal overnight wind gusts...

The Theft of the Century - And Oil and Gas Exploration in Quebec

Some people are calling the deal that transferred exploration licenses from Hydro Quebec to two Quebec junior oil and gas companies 'the theft of the century'. The terms of the deal are private. One President said he negotiated hard to get a good deal and he was satisfied with the result. This outraged opponents. When I said on twitter it was his job to negotiate a good deal, opponents said it only showed that Questerre was arrogant also.

Quebec Breaking Records

Quebecers are coping with power failures, train delays and burst pipes as freezing temperatures sweep the province. Hydro-Québec said the province broke a record for energy consumption this morning w...

11,000 Quebecers In The Dark

Thunderstorms and high winds caused many power outages in the south of Quebec. Hydro-Québec said the damages were mostly caused by lightning and fallen branches. More than 90,000 people were left in...

Will Canada's Hydropower Boom Help Cool the Climate?

Leaders in the Canadian hydropower industry believe North America can dam its way to a cooler climate, but some experts say that continual increases in energy supply -- whatever the source -- are not the optimal response to the climate crunch. The answer is not more energy, but much more efficient use of it.