Ice Storm 2013


Toronto Area Mayors: Little Help Please?

MISSISSAUGA, Ont. - The federal and provincial governments should each foot a third of the bill for cleaning up after last month's devastating ice storm, municipal officials said Friday."There's a gre...

Toronto: A Disaster Area?

TORONTO - Toronto city council was urged Friday to ask the Ontario government to declare Canada's largest city a "disaster area" — a move required to qualify for funding to deal with the havoc wreaked...

Hands Up If You Need A Gift Card

TORONTO - As utilities work to reconnect the few remaining customers still without power due to last month's ice storm, the Ontario government is helping those who saw food spoiled.The province is dis...

What Surviving the Ice Storm Taught Me About Business

Like others in Ontario, the ice storm caught us by surprise and we spent a very chilly few days without power and, living in the country, without water too. To be honest we weren't that prepared. We are now, I can tell you. But as business owners, we also have some lessons to learn from those tough few days that we can use in our business lives.


TORONTO - A few hundred Toronto customers who remain without power more than a week after a fierce ice storm hit Central and Eastern Canada can expect to have it fully restored by the end of the day,...

Storm's Big Bite On Toronto Tree Canopy

Dozens of city and contracted crews have started the process of cleaning up debris from last weekend’s ice storm, as hydro crews continue to work to restore power to thousands. Toronto officials conf...

Over 41,000 Still Without Power

TORONTO - Violent winds and changing weather could set back efforts to restore power to tens of thousands in Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick who are still in the dark after last weekend's crippling...

N.B. Power Races To Restore Electricity

Thousands of New Brunswickers face the prospect of Christmas without power as N.B. Power crews scramble to repair a battered electricity grid in the southern part of the province. Back-to-back storm s...

Ford MIA During Morning Of Storm Recovery

As city officials, staff and cleanup crews worked to repair the havoc caused by an icy storm, Mayor Rob Ford was unreachable, according to a source. The mayor could not be found all Sunday morning by...