GROOCH: "Monkey Buisness" (CARTOON)

While the Ikea Monkey "Darwin" had the fate of his permanent residence decided in court this week. Darwin isn't the only monkey business that continues to concern Ontario. As if being a Maple leaf fan wasn't bad enough, controversial allegations of financial evasion continue to be thrown "monkey poop style" at Prime Minister Harper.

What The Heck Is Tom Flanagan Wearing?

The Ikea monkey is now a political commentator. Okay, not really. Tom Flanagan, a former advisor for Prime Minister Stephen Harper, appeared on CBC's Power & Politics wearing a large, furry coat. As...

Where Will Ikea Monkey Spend The Holidays?

A judge ruled today that Darwin, known worldwide as the Toronto Ikea monkey, will spend the Christmas holidays in an animal sanctuary until a court ruling about his long-term custody is heard in Janua...

Ikea Monkey + Marc Jacobs = ?

Toronto's Ikea Monkey has inspired plenty of viral memes but we thought we'd pay special attention to this fashion-related one. Some crafty photoshopper has mashed-up the sad photo of Darwin, our sim...

What the Ikea Monkey Revealed About Animal Treatment in Canada

This poor juvenile rhesus macaque was found wandering through an IKEA parking lot in Toronto a few days ago, and he quickly became an international Internet sensation. In similar circumstances in recent memory, law enforcement agents have been known to shoot wayward animals, send them to zoos, or return them to their irresponsible human caretakers.