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What Happened When I Learned To Read My 'Mother Language'

In my classroom, there were a few precious books available in my local language. Those stories profoundly touched my heart, and I loved reading time at primary school. Children love stories, you see. Stories are the virtual window to their world of fantasy and reality. Children do not want to read just any story book, but story books that are engaging and connecting to their passionate souls.
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Curing Poverty With Curiosity

Our cultural lore suggests that curiosity may claim the lives of a few cats. Moving from lore to a distinct possibility, we really should add poverty to that list. Connecting their theme "Stay Curious" the 2013 Projecting Change Film Festival, is pushing forward the conversation that can't be ignored. Closing the festival with a showing of Girl Rising, the vital importance of educating women around the world lit up the screen. Learning is about staying curious. Education is a key to curing poverty.

How Poor Teaching Leads to Illiteracy

According to Statistics Canada, approximately 42 per cent of Canadian adults do not read well enough to cope with everyday tasks. Sub-par reading instruction is having a dramatic effect on our society. How can we compete internationally when more than two out of five of our citizens can't read well enough to do most jobs?