What I Learned This Week: The Danger of Imagination

Next to "E=MC squared," perhaps the most famous quote to emerge from Albert Einstein's mouth is the oft-cited: "Imagination is more important than knowledge." What I'm sure Einstein didn't consider at the time of uttering was the offshoot of his observation, namely: "Imagination is a DisTortEr of knowledge."

Lasting Effects of Today's Toys

As I watch my 19-month old daughter reenact similar play gestures, it's quite apparent that games, toys and even the word play has really evolved since my days of pretend salt and pepper. We've arrived at this place where apps, face-time and email replace many conversation

Elf-On-the-Shelf and Other Lies We Tell Our Kids

I am of the mind that parenting, when done correctly, involves delicately hopping over the line between imaginative play and outright deception. But man, does this time of year challenge even me. I'm not saying parents shouldn't indulge in the Yuletide traditions, old and new. But at this point, I'm not sure about how to handle the Santa thing once the hard questions come.