Income Splitting


10 Reasons to Vote for Anyone but Harper

This is a rather short list of the shortfalls of Harper and the disgrace he brings to our country and I urge everyone to fully research candidates and get out and VOTE. I think the newest campaign launched by our veterans says it best when they say ABC: Anyone but Conservative

The Harper Government Has Failed to Walk the Talk on Public Safety

Since 2010, annual funding for the RCMP has declined in every year except one. The Conservatives claim they need to put new powers in the law, but police forces and security officers cannot fully utilize the laws already there when their budgets don't give them the necessary resources. And new laws will be meaningless without the funding to make them work. The well-being of Canadians is put at risk when these things are undermined. Honest or not, dangerous or not, Stephen Harper has been prepared to compromise even public safety to concoct the claim of a balanced budget before the 2015 election.

Tories Table Income-Splitting Measures

OTTAWA - The Conservative government has introduced legislation to enact its family tax-and-benefit package — a multibillion-dollar suite of measures that includes the controversial income-splitting p...

Harper's Income Splitting Tax Only Benefits the Already Rich

Tax policy may not be sexy. But it can change things for the better. Or make them worse. The current system exacerbates the problem of growing income inequality, which is now recognized by a growing number of economists as one of the main causes of our stagnant global economy. Once again this looks like a case of politics trumping the facts. The Harper government is proceeding with this give away to the rich even before the budget is balanced and despite warnings that the fall in the value of oil could mean revenue shortfalls.

Sorry, Single Parents

Income splitting would not benefit single parents because the majority are considered low income, says the Minister of State for Social Development, Candice Bergen. In an interview airing Saturday on...

Big Income-Splitting Changes Coming

Prime Minister Stephen Harper will on Thursday unveil a scaled-down version of the Conservatives’ 2011 campaign commitment to allow income-splitting by parents with children younger than 18 once the f...