Income Taxes


A Beginner's Guide To Income Taxes

No matter how your academic career ends, there comes a point when you join the workforce and (hopefully) start earning a regular paycheque. Earning income means you have the privilege of paying income tax. It may not be your first thought, but tax planning is an important part of a financial plan.

6 Tax Tips For Parents

In January, Ottawa paid out more than $2 billion in GST tax credits, child tax benefits and universal child care benefits. To ensure you get your share of those and other benefits and tax deductions,...

Navigating Your First Tax Return on Your Own

There are many different types of tax preparers but one of the most trusted is mom and dad. Many younger Canadians rely on parents to help them file their first tax returns, but there does come a time when you need to take control of your tax return and learn how to prepare it yourself.

Raise Taxes On The Rich, Topp Urges

OTTAWA - Brian Topp is boldly going where most Canadian politicians fear to tread: promising to make the wealthy pay more in taxes.The perceived frontrunner in the NDP leadership race wants his party...