Infrastructure Spending

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Public Sector Workers Are Making Out Like Bandits

The Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) recently released a report that leaves no doubt about this wage gap. Public sector employees are making a lot more than you are for doing the same job. To add insult to injury, public sector employees are also working fewer hours than you to earn their above-market wages.

Harper Earmarks $6B In Spending

LONDON, Ont. - Prime Minister Stephen Harper unveiled a $5.8-billion menu of federal infrastructure improvements Monday in an announcement one political rival immediately described as a batch of recyc...

Rebuilding Confidence When Our Infrastructure Is Crumbling

Recently, two major transportation arteries in Montreal have been disrupted because of partial structural collapses. These events are only the tip of the iceberg in terms of crumbling bridges, tunnels, roads, and sewers, and inadequate municipal transit and water purification systems across Canada.