Innoncence Of Muslims

The Arbitrary Limits to Freedom of Expression

I am sensing a high level of double standard here where freedom of expression is abused and misused according to the whims and desires of people. When the victim is Islam and Muslims, then, it has no limits. It is like an open buffet where it is all you can eat. But when it is about others, like Kate Middleton or abortion in Canada, then, you better watch your mouth.

Nakoula Is An Artist, Because He Offends

Theodore Adorno said it first, more than 60 years ago: if a film cannot be other than inoffensive, then an inoffensive film is meaningless; we all understand that a child's colouring book is not a work of art, no matter how beautifully he or she colours within the lines. With the recent (and shameful) treatment of Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, creator of the deliriously offensive Innocence of Muslims, we would do well to take a moment to reflect on that old insight. Nakoula may be a bad artist, but an artist he is, and his bigotry does not disentitle him to any of his fundamental rights, nor justify the rank victim-blaming now dominating the conversation.