Intelligent Design

The Big History Project

Can we encourage students to be more enthusiastic about learning history? I think so, and so does Bill Gates of Microsoft fame. Gates has sponsored The Big History Project. -A free on line course for high school students, where Mr. Gates appears in the opening syllabus video, endorsing the course's unique way of blending science and history to give students the big picture.

"Science Is Not Your Ememy", Steven Pinker

Here is a link to Harvard University Psychology Professor Steven Pinker's now "infamous" essay in the New Republic titled "Science Is Not Your Enemy." "Geeze, who in their right mind would think that science is their enemy?" Memo to self, "Write an essay some day called "The Christian faith is not your enemy."

The Gotcha Question; In Morality, Science And Intelligent Design

Marco Rubio, the U.S. Senator from Florida, who is such a success story, (his father having immigrated from Cuba. I can still remember Rubio speaking at the Republican Convention saying "these United States" OK I didn't think he was talking about any other United States, but go on.) Anyway Rubio was recently asked "How old is the earth?" And because he did not immediately say 4 billion years the combined weight of 25 years of television science journalism immediately came down upon him and he was flattened like a pancake. And I am sure the interviewer smiled in his heart of hearts and said "Gotcha".

An Open Letter To Professor Eric S. Lander, MIT, And A Case For Intelligent Design

The design view predicts that there will be great similarity of genetic code between species just like there is great similarity of code between any two iPhone apps because the apps all contain many of the same code objects to handle the routine tasks of any program. Therefore, the similarity of the genome between species is probably not evidence for evolution or common descent, but rather it is probably evidence of a style of programming we use ourselves; object oriented programming, and that's evidence for intelligent design.