International Trade

Why North American and European Small Businesses Need To Start Exporting Now

Eric Quon-Lee | Posted 12.10.2014 | Canada Business
Eric Quon-Lee

Recently there is an increasing need for exports to be built into the growth strategy of any business. Without exports, businesses, whether they are small businesses or multinationals, increasingly risk their long term health and prosperity by ceding rapidly growing markets and brand awareness to up and coming competitors over the long term.

Why B.C. Government's Purchase Card Records Are So Illuminating

Dermod Travis | Posted 09.22.2014 | Canada British Columbia
Dermod Travis

That's politics. The public gets irate over the small amounts because they can relate to them. But the funny thing is that politicians who get the small things right generally don't screw up the bigger ones.

How Growing Trade Alliances Among Middle-Power Countries Will Harm the Dollar

Qais Ghanem, MD | Posted 08.13.2014 | Canada Politics
Qais Ghanem, MD

The acronym BRICS stands for the group consisting of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. If predictions are true, Iran and Turkey may soon join, creating BRICSIT. Increasing trade among these economies may be bad news for the U.S. dollar.

Canadian Trade: Pros and Cons for 2014

Peter Hall | Posted 04.20.2014 | Canada Business
Peter Hall

When international trade collapsed in 2009, the Canadian economy turned inward, and for a change, discovered a steady source of growth. That source is now tapped out, and economy-watchers have for some time turned their eyes back to trade. So far, the view has been uninspiring. Will Canadian trade carry growth forward, or is our hopeful gaze in for a big disappointment?

Export Growth Predictions: See How Canada's Provinces Stack Up

Peter Hall | Posted 07.16.2013 | Canada Business
Peter Hall

International trade will be a key growth driver for the Canadian economy this year and next. However, the distribution of export growth in Canada's provinces is anything but even. Some are leading the charge, while others are steady at the national pace. Others are lagging behind, some quite seriously. What are the key factors influencing the different growth patterns?

How We Can Fight the FIPA

Capt. Trevor Greene | Posted 06.08.2013 | Canada
Capt. Trevor Greene

I received a number of comments on my recent column on the trade deal Prime Minister Harper signed with China; Some commenters asked what they can do....

Five Tips for Expanding Your Business Internationally

Greg Hewitt | Posted 04.27.2013 | Canada Business
Greg Hewitt

With such a large portion of the Canadian workforce working in smaller enterprises, their contribution to international trade is anything but insignificant. Shipping outside of Canada involves complex logistics along with a lot of other factors for small businesses to consider. If you run a small business and are looking to ship internationally, here are five key considerations.

How Mexico's Economy Survived the Slump

Peter Hall | Posted 03.24.2013 | Canada Business
Peter Hall

Few economies escaped the global slowdown in the summer of 2012. Mexico was a rare and notable exception. While marked deterioration in China, India and Brazil grabbed the headlines, Mexico quietly hummed along, generating remarkably smooth growth.

Undertakings Essential to Assessing CNOOC-Nexen Deal

Glenford Jameson | Posted 02.10.2013 | Canada
Glenford Jameson

Contrary to what you might have heard, it's impossible to judge the CNOOC-Nexen affair until the public receives some clarity regarding the list of undertakings that CNOOC has promised the federal government. And when those undertakings are made public, it's going to be pretty interesting to see what kind of measures the government required of CNOOC, a Chinese state-owned enterprise, in order to create a net benefit for Canada.

Green Energy Act Sufferers Seeing Red

John Laforet | Posted 12.03.2011 | Canada
John Laforet

Dalton McGuinty's Green Energy Act has failed to provide the thousands of high value jobs he has spent the last two years claiming it would and Canada's reputation as a free trader is being challenged by important members of the global community. But sadly, it's Ontarians who will clean up the mess.

Harper: Canada Needs To Be 'Friendlier' With Brazil

CP | Posted 10.09.2011 | Canada

SAO PAULO - Stephen Harper is courting Brazilian business leaders, saying he wants to get "friendlier" when it comes to trade. "Too much grass grow...