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Are Brands Failing the Speed Test?

It turns out that consumers want one thing: their issues resolved. And, they want it done fast. Faster than fast. The challenge is this: the majority of brands act fast... as fast as they can. Sadly, it's not even close to being fast enough for consumers. Now, brands and consumers are going to have move forward and figure out a way to define what the true speed limits are.

NDP MP Battles 'Wasteful' iPhone 5

Apple’s new iPhone 5 charger, which is not compatible with either older iPhones or other phone brands, is causing headaches for an NDP MP who views them as environmentally wasteful and a money grab fo...
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There is No iPod Big Enough for the Avid Vinyl Collector

As a record collector, music has always been about quantity over quality, about how much music I can consume before I die. When iPods were new, we as music fans were at the precipice of something big. We were finally being catered to! Of course, just when we were gonna get that 500 GB iPod, Apple pulled the plug on music storage capacity in favour of Angry Birds, FaceTime and texting. So I'd like to gently propose a terabyte iPod. That's right -- a thousand gigabytes of free space meant only to keep 10,000+ records.

iPhone 5 Canada: The Dysfunction Of Three-Year Contracts

The painful reality of Canadian cellphone service has once again come to the forefront this week. When Apple chief executive officer Tim Cook unveiled the updated pricing for the company's new lineup of iPhones on Wednesday, led by the iPhone 5, he pointed out that the suggested prices were on two-year contracts. That's the norm in most countries, but it's of course not the case in Canada.
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SAN FRANCISCO - Apple has unveiled the iPhone 5, which will start shipping in Canada and the U.S. on Sept. 21.It is thinner and lighter than previous models with a bigger screen, and is made entirely...

What To Expect From The New iPhone

NEW YORK, N.Y. - A published report says the new iPhone will have a thinner screen. That could leave more room for a larger battery.The Wall Street Journal is citing unnamed people familiar with the m...