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Planet of the Apps

The world is becoming increasingly mobile...literally. Seven billion people worldwide own a mobile phone and one in every five people use smart phone devices. It's no surprise that marketers have jump...

How B.C. Brands Can Succeed In 2013

Last week saw the gathering of over 300 ad agency folks at the annual B.C. chapter of the American Marketing Association. The topic for debate was all about trends for 2013. It became apparent that there was no one single thing for us as marketers to focus on, but more like a top 100 list. As a scientist, I had the need to simplify, to distil the vast array of new platforms and buzzwords into a crystal of something purer that centrally links such trends. Throughout this process, the one link that kept rearing its head was "relevance."

What I think of Vine iPhone App!

I recently heard how the new Vine app was taking the Social Media world by storm. It's an iPhone app that allows you to shoot a 6 second looping video and upload it to Twitter, Facebook and the Vine network. At first the idea of making a mini movie didn't sound novel to me, but I still knew that I wanted to check it out!