Israel Election


Let's Talk

OTTAWA - As relations between the U.S. and Israel continued to deteriorate Friday, Prime Minister Stephen Harper was playing the politics of silence with the Middle East in the wake of the Israeli ele...

Canada Takes Wait-And-See Approach

OTTAWA - The Israeli ambassador to Canada says Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's election statement that he opposes Palestinian statehood should be taken with a "grain of salt."Envoy Rafael Barak to...

Netanyahu Declares Victory

JERUSALEM — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appeared to fend off a strong challenge from the country's opposition leader in parliamentary elections Tuesday, emerging from an acrimonious camp...

Canada, Stop Being Netanyahu's Doormat

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has reorganized his governing coalition and canceled a call for elections less than a day after his cabinet agreed to hold them early this September. For Canada, this is welcomed news. Any shift in Israel's government would pose a challenge for this country's Israel policy, which often confuses support for Netanyahu with support for Israel.