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To Police Unions: Stop Protecting Rotten Cops

People like to excuse police violence by claiming that it's just a few bad apples. Perhaps that's true, but then who is electing the police union leaders who make it their job to defend these bad apples? See, here's the thing about bad apples -- if you don't root them out, then the whole barrel will rot.If the police union was really protecting the police force, then they'd be the most outspoken critics of police brutality and unnecessary police-involved shootings. But they're not.

Family Sues Toronto Police

The family of Sammy Yatim, the 18-year-old gunned down during a confrontation with Toronto police nearly a year ago, has filed a multimillion-dollar lawsuit against the Toronto Police Services board,...

Watching the Watchdog: What Keeping an Eye on Cops Can Do

You can't watch the police riot at the G20 summit or the killing of Sammy Yatim in the bus on all those smartphones and surveillance cameras without believing that maybe, just maybe, the era of the thin blue line endlessly protecting its own might be ending. Not because the cops have cleaned up their act. But because now they're being watched.

Hit By Eight Bullets

TORONTO - The family of an 18 year old who died after being shot by police on a Toronto streetcar says they are "distressed" by reports the young man was hit by eight bullets.The Special Investigation...

James Forcillo's Bail Proves a Double Standard

On Tuesday, officer James Forcillo surrendered to the Special Investigations Unit, was taken into custody, and by the afternoon, was already out on bail. While the decision to release Forcillo pending his trial is, indeed, a sensible one, the injustice of the release stems from the fact that other accused persons are rarely offered the same rational, compassionate treatment.

Yatim Family Cancels Press Event

TORONTO - The family a young Toronto man fatally shot in an altercation with Toronto police has cancelled a news conference that had been scheduled for this afternoon.In a statement to the media late...
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Sammy Yatim Shooting: The Cop's Murder Charge, Explained

Toronto Police Const. James Forcillo, the cop who allegedly shot 18-year-old Sammy Yatim nine times, was charged Monday with second-degree murder in Yatim's death. Since the Special Investigations Unit's inception in 1990, Forcillo is the 11th officer in Ontario to be charged with second-degree murder or manslaughter. The unique case is prompting a lot of questions. For example, "It is rare that a police officer in the course of his duties is charged with second-degree murder. Is this a case of overcharging by the SIU to appease public opinion?" Here are answers to that and other questions.