Jamie Dimon


JPMorgan's Jamie Dimon Got Rich on His Merits

There is nothing sufficiently irritating to push a reasonable person into the camp of Jamie Dimon's Dimon's vocal critics, some of the institutional investors and unions, who carp and whine at a less bald pretext than a drop of the hat, and masquerade as shareholding democrats with the savings of others.

Mark Carney's Golden Rule For Banks

What a horrible month to be a banker. Except, I suppose, for the millions in cash they pocket – although that cash suddenly seems a little dirtier than it did before. Even Bank of Canada governor Ma...

In an Economic Storm, Canada Holds the Best Umbrella

Assuming Mr. Carney and his fiscal policy counterparts maintain their credibility, the country may very well hang on to number one for another year at least. That's good news for business and it might just be the thing that softens the blow to our equity market should the gyrations of the past few months continue.