Jane Fonda

Jason Van Bruggen

We Must Stop Shell Oil

I've been in Vancouver for two days where I joined with Greenpeace activists, First Nations peoples, parents, grandparents, professors, students at an amazing 6-hour "Toast The Coast" rally on Jerricho Beach to celebrate the pristine beauty of the Northwest coastline and to stop Big Oil from devastating it: Shell's preparing to drill in Alaska, new pipelines are proposed to bring tar sand oil to the coast, more oil-carrying super tankers running up and down the coast. Remember Exxon Valdez?
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You’ll be hard-pressed to find a woman whose style and sense of self has evolved as dramatically as Jane Fonda’s. As a sixties film star, seventies activist and Academy Award-winning actor, and eighties fitness guru, the Grace and Frankie star has lived, seen, and worn it all.