Jane Sterk


Meet B.C.'s New Green Party Leader

VANCOUVER - The British Columbia Green Party has named Adam Olsen, a former candidate in Saanich North and the Islands, as the party's interim leader.The appointment comes nearly two weeks after forme...
Jane Sterk

B.C. Green Party Leader To Quit

VANCOUVER - B.C. Green Party Leader Jane Sterk says she plans to retire on a high note, following a provincial election that saw the Greens elect their first-ever member to the legislature.The party m...

The NDP's Problem Is Bigger Than Adrian Dix

Over 35 years, the NDP has seen its share of the popular vote decline and its actual vote stall, despite an electorate that has nearly doubled in size over the same period. Parties that don't grow their base lose and risk withering away. The message for the NDP in all these numbers is ominous and it's not just about Adrian Dix. It may have more to do with the brand.

Not Going Anywhere

VANCOUVER - Jane Sterk says she plans to stay on as leader of British Columbia's Green party, working to support the first Green ever elected in the province while continuing to build the party from o...

B.C.'s Going Green

The Green Party has finally broken through at the provincial level and will form a presence in British Columbia's new government. Andrew Weaver won the riding of Oak Bay - Gordon Head with 3,489 votes...


VANCOUVER - Green Leader Jane Sterk has a penchant for purple — in a spiritual kind of way that guides her belief that her party will make history by winning a seat in the British Columbia legislature...
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A Voter's Guide To Legalizing Pot

Marijuana has become an important issue in this provincial election. Questions about marijuana policy have been raised by the public over and over again, at all-candidates meetings across the province, and even during the televised debate.Together with the replies we received from candidates, and other comments about marijuana made in the media, we have compiled this Sensible BC Voters Guide, to help you better understand where B.C. parties and candidates stand on the question of marijuana policy and decriminalization in our province.

Liberal Ad Goes After Jane Sterk

The B.C. Liberal Party is employing an unusual tactic, apparently in the hopes of splitting the green vote on Vancouver Island. The party took out a full-page ad in the Friday edition of a local news...

Sterk Reveals B.C. Greens' Main Goal

Green Party of B.C. Leader Jane Sterk is perhaps the least well-known of all the party leaders — but her party has the most potential ground to gain when British Columbians head to the polls next week...

B.C. Election 2013: What The Parties Plan To Tell You

The B.C. Freedom of Information and Privacy Association, sent all four parties a questionnaire pushing them for clear positions on how they would stop the erosion of our privacy rights and defend our access to government records through Freedom of Information. On April 30th, we received responses from the NDP, the Liberals, and the Greens (we've yet to hear back from the Conservatives). They all had interesting, if decidedly different things to say.

I Won. No, I Won

VANCOUVER - British Columbia's election campaign is at the midway mark and it's turning into a fact-checking exercise between Premier Christy Clark's Liberals and Adrian Dix's New Democrats.The differ...

Clark, Dix Call Each Other Flip Floppers

VANCOUVER - Money and oil.Among the shades of grey that separate the two main political parties vying to form government in British Columbia with so little economic room to move, these two issues emer...

Where's The Integrity?

Information issues were smoking hot right up to the drop of the writ. But ever since, they've received hardly a mention. Looks like nobody wants to talk about the government's increasing unwillingness to create written records or its habit of sheltering public documents from FOI by hiding them in personal email accounts. Even multi-million dollar data linkage and information management programs like the Integrated Case Management (ICM) system, which has been slammed repeatedly by officers of the Legislature and civil society alike, don't rate a mention from the four major parties. This is pathetic.
Jane Sterk

B.C. Could Use A Green Upset This Election

Daniel Tseghay is running in a close race in Vancouver-False Creek. He truly has a chance to pull in an upset and I hope he does. B.C. politics needs a shake up and there is no better candidate to do that than this young activist. Tseghay is a noted and eloquent writer and activist. He also hails from Eritrea, giving the party an instant diversity that it lacked over the years. To those British Columbians who usually look at the two traditional parities to support, Tseghay gives the BC Greens hope, just like his leader.

Liveable Income Guarantee Promised

The B.C. Green Party is pledging to introduce a "guaranteed livable income" aimed at eliminating poverty if elected in May. “We can eliminate poverty, but the only way we can do that is through a gua...