Wayne & Janet Gretzky Make One Hot Couple

We did a double take when we saw Wayne Gretzky and wife Janet Jones Gretzky on the TIFF 2014 red carpet! The couple attended the Toronto Film Festival premiere of James Franco's film, "The Sound and t...

The Invincible House of Gretzky

True story. Early one morning as my wife was signing-in at a corporate golf tournament, a charming and magnetic man sidled up to her and, with a playful twinkle in his eyes, he smiled mischievously and told her that he loved her. Turns out, that man was Walter Gretzky. This was just another notch in my long (and partially true) history with the Gretzky family.

LOOK: Who Is Paulina Gretzky's Mom?

Paulina Gretzky is known for her long blond hair, fit body, and, well, her boobs, but the Instagram lover didn't come by her looks from a surgeon (at least, not that we know of!) The bikini-clad babe...