2013 Immigration Changes and Victories in Canada

While Harper lies to the media, Ministers Kenney and Alexander are out touting the next wave of destructive immigration changes. Now is a good time to look back and reflect on what changed in immigration in 2013, and the ways that migrant justice activists fought back.

Kenney FTW

OTTAWA - Former immigration minister Jason Kenney acted reasonably in cutting federal funding to the Canadian Arab Federation because the organization appeared to be supporting the actions of terroris...

Kenney Is A Fundraising BEAST

Conservative cabinet minister Jason Kenney's Calgary riding association has raked in almost $145,000 from Ontario since 2007, a CBC News analysis reveals. It's no secret that Kenney has spe...

Sorry, Granny -- Canada Doesn't Want You

By imposing undue barriers and financial hurdles to prevent doting grannies from joining their families in Canada, the Conservative government is robbing 1st and 2nd generation Canadian kids of life's natural endowment. These second-class Canadian children are hobbled by this social handicap. This National Grandparents Day, those of us who have benefited from the ever-loving arms of "gran" and "gramps" recognize that all Canadian kids should be afforded that privilege. Period.

Jason Kenney's 10 Biggest Blunders as Immigration Minister

This spring, Alberta MP Jason Kenney became the longest continually serving Immigration Minister in Canadian history, according to his department. With the Cabinet Shuffle, his tenure ends. What better time to review the Immigration Minister's biggest blunders on this ever important file? Perhaps this will serve as a cautionary tale to the new Minister.

Media Bites: The Secret Not-So-Boring Side of Canadian Politics

A large reason why Canadian politics often seems so boring is because Canadians (or at least our politicians) are usually too timid to honestly debate the issues that actually make this country an interesting place -- Quebec, immigration, the constitution, etc -- and instead pass off stuff like cheese market reform as brave iconoclasm.

Deported After 26-Year Battle

OTTAWA - A 70-year-old Palestinian man who built a family in Canada while fighting deportation for more than a quarter century was removed from the country over the weekend.Mahmoud Mohammad Issa Moham...

Kenney Wants Faster Citizenship Timeline

OTTAWA - Canada's immigration minister says he wants to see citizenship applications processed in 12 months or less.Jason Kenney told a Commons committee today that he is concerned about the backlog o...