Kenney 'Demonizes' Refugees: Liberals

Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney should support a study of the federal government's refugee health program cuts and put an end to his disparaging talk about refugees, Liberals said to...

Did Kenney Backtrack On Refugee Health Cuts?

A group of doctors calling on the federal government to reverse its changes to health coverage for refugees says Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney has backed down on one of the reforms...

The Doctor Who Risked His Reputation to Oppose Bill C-31

On Monday, Cabinet Minister Joe Oliver made a federal funding announcement at Toronto General Hospital. However, within minutes of Minister Oliver taking the podium, something truly exceptional occurred; emergency room doctor Chris Keefer walked boldly up to the front of the room. Despite attempts by a hospital administrator to shut down Keefer's interruption, he nonetheless persisted.

Time To Show 'Em The Door

New, tougher reforms to refugee legislation that hasn't yet come into force are already drawing fire from critics who say they give Canada's immigration minister too much power and risk the lives of c...