Jean Charest


The Real Threat to Quebec's Heritage Is Not a Hijab

In the election, the xenophobic comments and party promises such as banning religious symbols among public service workers all say, very clearly, that to truly be a Quebecer, you must be Francophone, white and Catholic. Bonus points if your family descended from the Filles du Roi. This is textbook intolerance and xenophobia.

Charest Can Breathe Sigh Of Relief

LEVIS, Que. - Forming only a minority government won't put the brakes on the Parti Quebecois pushing ahead with its sovereigntist agenda, Pauline Marois said Friday.The PQ leader said she will still h...

Charest Goes Protectionist

MONTREAL - Quebec could become the first province to arm companies with a veto power over foreign takeovers, under a proposal with potential domino-effect implications for other parts of the country.T...

Good To Handle Quebec's Debt?

VICTORIAVILLE, Que. - Quebec Premier Jean Charest is taking aim at the Coalition for Quebec's Future on the campaign trail this weekend.He says the Liberals are better prepared to manage the province'...

Nothing But Smiles

MONTREAL - Quebec Premier Jean Charest tried to downplay the effect that anti-corruption whistleblower Jacques Duchesneau could have on the provincial election on Saturday, saying his government had a...

Bring on the Election's Dullest Feature: Quebectorials!

Now that a Quebec election has been called, pretty much every Canadian pundit of note or acclaim has published a Quebecertorial over the last two days, which might make a certain naive sort of person assume there's a lot to be said about the race. In reality, alas, there's pretty much only one thing to say, and everyone just wants to say it over and over. Namely, it's gonna be pretty awful and boring. I mean, have you met the cast of characters?
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PQ Calls For Truce

Star Parti Québécois candidate Léo Bureau-Blouin is calling for a truce in the ongoing tuition protest during the provinicial election campaign. The former student leader urged his young cohorts to h...

Back In Full Force

MONTREAL - Jean Charest had fighting words for Quebec's student protesters as he called the provincial election. On Wednesday night, they punched back.As the premier summoned Quebecers to vote in the...

Facts About Jean Charest

MONTREAL - Quebecers will vote in a provincial election on Sept. 4. Premier Jean Charest is seeking a fourth consecutive mandate. Here is a sketch of the Liberal leader:%Slideshow-539504%Born: June 24...

Quebec Election Will Be Sept. 4

MONTREAL - Jean Charest is calling upon a "silent majority" to restore him to office in a Sept. 4 Quebec election, when he will seek to tie a provincial record with his fourth consecutive victory.The...

Why Jean Charest Should Stay

Earlier today, Premier Jean Charest walked to the mansion of Lt. Gov. Pierre Duchesene to dissolve his government and call an election on September 4. The vision of Jean Charest is best -- not just for Quebec but for Canada. He is the dean of Canada's surviving distinct (Progressive) Conservative tradition that has built Canada over the years.

Meet The New Guys

Quebec Premier Jean Charest announced three new candidates to the Liberal Party for the upcoming general provincial elections, all of which are former Action Démocratique du Québec members. Linda Lap...

Greeted By Protesters

Environmental activists from both sides of the Canadian-U.S. border are converging in Burlington, Vt., as Quebec Premier Jean Charest co-chairs the 36th annual meeting of New England Governors and Eas...

Quebec Student Protest Moves From Street to Voting Booth

The Quebec student protesters are coming for Premier Jean Charest, and what better way to do that than to formally align yourself with the opposition? After months of denying any political favourtism or formal ties to the opposition, one of the Quebec student protest leaders, Leo Blouin, is stepping up to the political plate.

Quebec, Cree Sign Groundbreaking Pact

The Quebec government and Quebec's Grand Council of the Crees have signed what both are calling a historic agreement which gives the Cree more power over the James Bay territory and its resources. Pr...

They're Coming For Charest

MONTREAL - Thousands of students and their supporters took to the streets of Montreal on Sunday to denounce the province's tuition increases, sending a message they will be ready for a fight if Premie...