Jerry Seinfeld

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#FoodPorn Is Changing The Way Millennials Eat

Young people are obsessed with colours, food is colourful, which means it creates great still shots. Millennials aren't obsessed with food as much as they are taking pictures of it for social engagement. Since smartphone owners and purchasers of photo editing apps and filters are still dominated by youngins, it's almost impossible for this generation to not be able to take salivating photos, upload them to social media and connect with the rest of the world. Social media is changing the way they eat, maybe even the way we non-millennials eat.
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Using Humour In Speeches Is Often No Laughing Matter

The ability to communicate effectively to groups is a key requirement for any business executive. As someone who has written speeches for various politicians and business executives for decades, I often get asked if there are any "tricks" that might make the ordeal more palatable. Inevitably, people eventually get around to asking about humour. Should they start a speech with a joke? My emphatic answer to this question is "maybe." And it is based on actual experience.
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Seinfeld's Racism

Us diversity nerds are not particularly surprised that Jerry Seinfeld finds talking about race, gender or sexuality as "anti-comedy" and dismisses it as "PC nonsense." After 20 years of whitewashing New York, the media is pushing him to be accountable for his narrow world view. At 59, Seinfeld is long past his comedy prime, with more innovative comics of the decade taking over the airwaves. All dinosaurs eventually become extinct. Not only is being racist unfunny -- at the end of the day it is just plain boring.