Jim Flaherty Skin Condition


What I Know About Flaherty's Struggle With Disease

Thursday afternoon, along with the rest of Canada, I learned that recently retired Finance Minister Jim Flaherty died suddenly, of an apparent heart attack. While Flaherty and I did not share many things in common, we did share this one challenge: I live with lupus, which is also an autoimmune disease. I have had to take prednisone in the past as part of my own treatment. I know the havoc it can wreak on one's system. That Flaherty had been able to carry on in such a busy, high-level and demanding job, while living with active bullous pemphigoid is, quite frankly, amazing.

A Rarity On The Hill

Jim Flaherty was promising improvements to a federal disability savings plan that helps parents of special needs children when the tears started welling behind his glasses, a few drops at first, then...

I'm Not Going Anywhere

OTTAWA - Finance Minister Jim Flaherty is taking pre-emptive action to squelch any speculation he may be preparing to depart in the next cabinet shuffle.The minister's chief spokesman, Dan Miles, says...

What Is Bullous Pemphigoid?

TORONTO - The skin condition afflicting Federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty is one that can generally be brought under control with a regimen of drugs. But getting there may take awhile, doctors say...