All Eyes On Calgary Centre

Byelections can be attention-getting because they're seen as bellwethers, or can be humdrum affairs with low voter turnout because they can't generate the excitement of electing a new government. Of...

Nenshi Calls Out Crockatt's Absence.. Again

Conservative candidate Joan Crockatt was noticeably absent from Sunday's Calgary Centre byelection debate. Mayor Naheed Nenshi appeared unimpressed calling it "the elephant not in the room". He quot...

Where's Calgary Centre's Tory Canadidate?

Some candidates in the Calgary Centre byelection say the absence of the Conservative candidate is starting to be noticed. Three of the top four candidates took part in a Young Environmental Professio...

Calgary Centre By-Election: Are Progressive Conservatives Flocking To The Liberals?

There's a split in Calgary in the conservatives. And it's about principles. Calgary Herald: "Pat Moore says she doesn't like the way the Conservative nomination was controlled from Ottawa, on short notice. And she doesn't think Crockatt Is a good candidate." And these progressive-conservatives are supporting Harvey Locke -- because of his progressive values, his ardent support of a vision that has being fiscally prudent, socially progressive, and environmentally soundness at home and abroad at the forefront. It's about these fundamental set of values that are drawing in a wide coalition of folks from the left or the right, many non-traditional voters for the Liberals to vote for the Liberals.