Job Cuts


As a Retired Public Servant, I'm Speaking Out About Government Cutbacks

A government with a hate-on for its workers doesn't just go after those still employed; it also revels in undermining the security of its former workers: us retirees.This year has seen the implementation of an additional $500 payment for my healthcare plan. Despite protests from our retirees association and from the unions, the government effectively broke our contract and unilaterally imposed the extra charge.

Clement Knocks Think-Tank's Jobs Report

Conservative MP and Treasury Board president Tony Clement lashed out against a report recently released by a Halifax-based think-tank that claims 4,000 federal jobs will leave Atlantic Canada in the n...

Part 1: It's Time Ontario Helps Individuals, Not Unions

Ontario can lead Canada again in competitiveness and job creation, but only by getting our economic fundamentals right. A big one is the need to open up economic opportunities for individual workers -- not union bosses. That's what "Paths to Prosperity: Flexible Labour Markets" is all about.

Ottawa To Axe Thousands More Workers

OTTAWA - A fourth wave of job loss notifications washed over the federal public service Wednesday as the Conservatives appeared to be trying to shore up support for the cuts.Union leaders reported tha...