House Arrest Finished

LONDON, Ont. - Former London, Ont., mayor Joe Fontana has finished his house arrest sentence for his conviction on fraud charges.Saturday marks the end of Fontana's four-month house arrest after his J...

Fontana Spared Jail Time

LONDON, Ont. - Former Liberal cabinet minister Joe Fontana was sentenced Tuesday to four months of house arrest for a government fraud, avoiding time behind bars, but nonetheless leaving court with hi...

Council Can't Oust Convicted Mayor

London, Ont., Mayor Joe Fontana's conviction on three criminal fraud charges relating to his time as an MP is not — on its own — enough to force Fontana from municipal office, a lawyer told CBC N...


LONDON, Ont. - The mayor of London, Ont., forged a document that resulted in a $1,700 government fraud while he was a Liberal cabinet minister then concocted a story to cast it as a mere foolish misst...

Fontana Pleads Not Guilty

LONDON, Ont. - The mayor of London, Ont., admits that as a member of Parliament he altered a contract that he submitted for expenses, but the $1,700 the government paid out was not for his son's weddi...

Trial Date Set For London Mayor

LONDON, Ont. - The mayor of London, Ont., will be going to trial on fraud charges this spring.A date of May 26 has been set for the trial of Joe Fontana, who is accused of using taxpayers' money to he...

Justin Trudeau's Liberal Brand Problems

One of the first orders of business for new political party leaders is the branding of their party. What will their party stand for? What will they do if elected? How will their policies help Canadian families? The Liberals and the media together have been closely watching Justin Trudeau since he became leader. They want to see what Trudeau's brand will be. So far, his biggest alignment has been with illegal activity. Not a great start.