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Baird Still Skeptical About Iran

WASHINGTON - Canada's former foreign affairs minister is expressing skepticism about Iran as nuclear talks with that country enter a sensitive phase.John Baird described his concerns about a possible...

Baird Heckled By Protesters

LONDON, Ont. - Protesters who oppose Canada's position in the Israel-Palestinian conflict interrupted a speech Friday by Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird in London, Ont.Baird was speaking to the Ch...

Why Aren't Harper And Baird Angry About Dead Babies In Gaza?

Should the government of Canada denounce the intentional and accidental slaughter of babies and other civilians caught in the crossfire between two military forces? It's a question as redundant as "does Red Lobster serve Lobster?" Yes. Of course the government, or any other organization run by rational and peace-loving people, should condemn such violence. The killing of civilians has always and will always be a reprehensible act. And yet Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird remain silent on the mounting civilian death toll in Gaza. It's baffling, since a quick peek at Baird's Twitter timeline.

Baird Rips United Nations.. Again

OTTAWA - Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird is once again maligning the United Nations, accusing its human rights council of singling out Israel and making no mention of Hamas in its resolution on th...

Baird: Hamas Not Interested In Peace

OTTAWA - Canada's foreign affairs minister says the refusal by Hamas to honour an Egyptian-sponsored ceasefire in Gaza makes it clear the group has no interest in peace.Israel resumed bombardment of G...

Palestinian Minister Praises Canada

OTTAWA - Palestinian Foreign Minister Riad al-Malki tossed Canada an olive branch Thursday, seeking to defuse recent tensions by saying there's no point in either side being held hostage by past rheto...

Non-Committal On Palestine

OTTAWA - Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird is making no promises to renew Canada's $300 million in aid spending for the Palestinians.The five-year commitment expires Sunday, but Baird said he wants...

Baird Issues Warning To Palestine

OTTAWA - Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird has told a powerful pro-Israel lobby that Palestinians will feel "consequences" from Canada if they pursue the Jewish state at the International Criminal C...

Baird Brings Pro-Israel Baggage On Trip

OTTAWA - Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird faces some major diplomatic fence mending when he kicks off a two-day Persian Gulf trip this week in the United Arab Emirates.The elephant in the room at a...