The B.C. Election's Best Moments

The B.C. election has passed with people still shaking their heads over how the B.C. Liberals climbed from a massive deficit in the polls to a fourth-straight majority government. It was an election f...

Those Robocalls Have To Stop

The B.C. Conservative Party has been ordered to stop election day robocalling by Elections B.C. Spokesperson Don Main says the calls went out the morning of May 14, which is a violation of the Electi...

Politics as porn

B.C.'s election has seen "Cummins all over Dix", while the party leaders have spent the campaign "bitching over bitumen coming down the pipe." If that sounds like the plot of a bad porn movie, it also...
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A Voter's Guide To Legalizing Pot

Marijuana has become an important issue in this provincial election. Questions about marijuana policy have been raised by the public over and over again, at all-candidates meetings across the province, and even during the televised debate.Together with the replies we received from candidates, and other comments about marijuana made in the media, we have compiled this Sensible BC Voters Guide, to help you better understand where B.C. parties and candidates stand on the question of marijuana policy and decriminalization in our province.