John Doyle

Naming The Great Moments in Canadian T.V.

Recently, there's been some of that recurring soul-searching that occurs in Canadian entertainment. Globe and Mail columnist John Doyle got people talking after penning a piece decrying the mediocrity of Canadian T.V.

BC Election 2013: The Confidence Gap

The phoney campaign has finally given way to the real thing. The writ is dropped, the legislature is dissolved and politicians are out on the hustings. And as voters know well, that means big, glitzy promises. But imagine promises that wouldn't need sod-turnings or ribbon cuttings? Meaningful promises that every party can sign-on to, because they're about good government, not party ideology.
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Scathing B.C. Carbon Audit

VICTORIA - A delayed, discredited, but highly-anticipated environmental audit of the British Columbia government's carbon-cutting program by auditor general John Doyle says the pollution-reduction pla...
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Auditor General Faces Backlash

VICTORIA - A possible breach of Parliament prompted the Speaker of the British Columbia legislature to put a highly-anticipated report from the auditor general on hold.On Tuesday, a statement from the...

$324-Million Contract Not Working: A-G

VANCOUVER - The B.C. government's decision to outsource administration of the Medical Services Plan and PharmaCare to a U.S.-based company has failed to bring the expected benefits, the auditor genera...

B.C. Clerk Slams Auditor General

VICTORIA - The growing tensions between British Columbia's take-no-prisoners Auditor General John Doyle and members of the Liberal government and officials at the legislature spilled out inadvertently...

B.C. Criminal Database Not Safe: A-G

VICTORIA - More than one million police files that include deeply personal witness statements and some of British Columbia's most sensitive government information are stored in a shockingly accessible...

2 More Years For Auditor General?

VICTORIA - A B.C. legislative committee has voted to offer John Doyle a two-year extension as auditor general.The move is a reversal of an earlier decision by the Liberal-dominated committee not to ex...

B.C. Independent Officers Should Never Be Re-Appointed

B.C. taxpayers should be grateful to John Doyle for his persistent, hard-nosed work over the past six years. And perhaps six years is too short of a term, but renewal should not be an option. Now it's time for another watchdog to come in and give issues fresh eyes and a fresh voice, just as Doyle built on the work of previous auditors general.

Christy Clark Stands By Decision

VICTORIA - Premier Christy Clark is backing a government committee's decision not to renew the six-year contract of Auditor General John Doyle.Clark's communications director Ben Chin says the premier...

B.C. Auditor General Ousted: NDP

VANCOUVER - British Columbia auditor general John Doyle — whose investigations into payments related to the BC Rail corruption trial and other allegations of financial mismanagement have routinely emb...

Secret Payouts For B.C. Politicians

The speaker of the B.C. Legislature admits a secret decision to provide severance to all MLAs who lose their seats because of recall petitions was probably not the best idea. In 2011, a secret bi-par...

BC Hydro Enriches Itself While Stiffing Customers

It's been a tough year for BC Hydro, but the Crown Corporation is lost in an electrical storm of its own making. Scathing reports, rate hikes, smart meters, layoffs and a CEO resignation have left the company reeling. Now it's time to realign BC Hydro's 'gold standard' with what ratepayers want: good value and low rates.