John Duncan


Tory MPs To Voters: Give Us $355,907

OTTAWA - Seven Conservative MPs are seeking a combined $355,907 from a group of voters who went to court and lost their bid to overturn election results in their federal ridings because of misleading...

Aboriginal Affairs Minister Quits

OTTAWA - A rough week for the governing Conservatives got rougher late Friday with the surprise resignation of Aboriginal Affairs Minister John Duncan.Duncan announced he was stepping down after impro...

'I Have No Idea What It'll Do'

OTTAWA - "I have no idea what it'll do."John Duncan's frank, if less than illuminating, assessment of the impact on aboriginal protests of Friday's hard-won negotiating skirmish may have been the most...

Hunger-Striking Chief Gets A Boost

OTTAWA - An aboriginal chief's decision to go on a hunger strike until the prime minister agrees to a meeting has entered a deadly serious phase, a New Democrat MP said Thursday.Charlie Angus, who sto...

Why First Nations Children Should Learn Off Reserves

The recent decision by the Assembly of First Nations to reject Ottawa's musings about reforming on-reserve education was an example of a react-first, ask-questions later approach. It was unhelpful, most of all to First Nations kids. Whenever the possibility of mixing more First Nations kids with non-native kids is brought up, some immediately have concerns over possible forced assimilation given past attempts to such an end. But integration (attending class with non-natives) is not assimilation. One can be Jewish in a public school without losing one's heritage and faith.

The Dirty Secret About MP Pensions

Earlier this year, the Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) released a report showing that taxpayers put in $23.30 for every one dollar parliamentarians contribute to their pension plans. Politicians are reluctant to step away from the machine multiplying their money. Here are some dirty little secrets about those pensions.

Minister To Meet Attawapiskat Chief

OTTAWA - The housing crisis in Attawapiskat has now turned into a full-blown political crisis.Attawapiskat band councillors turfed a federal appointee in charge of overseeing the troubled band's finan...
Charlie Angus

Attawapiskat Is Canada's Katrina Moment

Attawapiskat is Canada's Katrina moment. It may not be the same scale, but it is the tip of the iceberg for the numerous Bantustan-style homelands of the far north. Years of chronic under funding and bureaucratic indifference has created a Haiti north where dying in slow motion on ice-filled shantytown is considered the norm.