José Manuel Barroso


Harper, EU Leaders: It's A Done Deal

OTTAWA - European Union leaders said Friday their major trade agreement with Canada has the backing of all 28 EU countries as they firmly dismissed concerns that some European countries might scuttle...

Western Promises

VANCOUVER - A pair of climate-change protesters wearing cheap, thrift-store dress clothing evaded RCMP officers tasked with protecting Stephen Harper during an event in Vancouver on Monday, walking on...

Lighting A Fire Under Trade Deal

OTTAWA - Prime Minister Stephen Harper faced renewed calls Friday to pull back the veil shrouding the controversial Canada-Europe free trade talks after saying that "significant gaps" remain.Harper ex...

#OccupyWallStreet Proposals Add Up

Who is listening to the folks camping out in downtown Manhattan? President Obama should call out the root cause of his shortcomings at the polls, but is otherwise engaged in retaining Wall Street support for his re-election campaign. And what of us, informed and active, democracy-loving citizens?