Jumbo Glacier Resort

Pat Morrow

Time Running Out For Ambitious B.C. Ski Resort

After 24 years of controversy, a vital deadline is looming for Glacier Resorts Ltd., which by next month has to prove to B.C.'s Environmental Assessment Office that significant progress has been made on the billion-dollar plan to build a 6,300-bed resort on Crown land in the glacial wilderness, 55 kilometres west of Invermere.
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When It Comes to Jumbo Glacier Resort, All Questions Lead Back To Powerful Minister

"One of the mysteries is why he has got his nose in it at all," said B.C. MLA Norm Macdonald, adding that people worry about publicly criticizing powerful minister Bill Bennett. "This is complete insider stuff. It's a remote corner of the province and they're getting away with stuff no one would get away with anywhere else... Everything about it feels like cronyism at its worst."

Help Save These Mountains From Becoming a Ski Resort

In the heart of the Purcell Mountains, surrounded by rugged peaks and glaciers, sit the Jumbo Valley. It is wilderness in the purest sense, providing critical habitat to grizzly bears. And it is one of my favourite places in the world. It is also the site of a proposed mega ski resort development called the Jumbo Glacier Resort.

Jumbo Glacier Resort Faces Jumbo Problem

Mounties in Invermere, B.C., say they may have to bolster staff to deal with protests opposing the controversial Jumbo Glacier Resort. The Liberal government approved the project, to be the country's...