Jumbo Ski Resort

Controversial Ski Resort Project Stalled Again After Decades

CP | Keven Drews, The Canadian Press | Posted 06.18.2016 | Canada British Columbia

Jumbo Glacier Resort's environmental certificate has lapsed because it did not meet provincial requirements on starting construction.

Jumbo Was The Only B.C. Municipality That Didn't Vote

Gerry Taft | Posted 01.15.2015 | Canada British Columbia
Gerry Taft

On Saturday, when every other town in B.C. voted for new municipal leaders, there was no voting in Jumbo, a "small town" with no residents and no buildings.

Ski Resort Threatens Grizzly Bears From Southern B.C. Into U.S.: Scientists

DeSmog Canada | Posted 12.31.2014 | Canada British Columbia
DeSmog Canada

"This is the last stop. There's small bits of populations to the south and in the U.S and, if we cut them off they are hooped."

Avalanche Risk At Proposed B.C. Ski Resort Raises Red Flags

DeSmog Canada | Posted 12.21.2014 | Canada British Columbia
DeSmog Canada

"Where are they going to park the cars? You're not going to park them in the middle of an avalanche zone."

Jumbo Glacier Resort Symbolizes All That's Wrong With B.C. Politics, Economy

DeSmog Canada | Posted 12.15.2014 | Canada British Columbia
DeSmog Canada

It is time for Premier Clark to stop the Jumbo Glacier Resort gravy train and bring accountability and sanity to the situation once and for all.

B.C. Quietly Drops Environmental Requirement

CP | Dene Moore, The Canadian Press | Posted 06.16.2014 | Canada British Columbia

VANCOUVER - The B.C. government is exempting about 99 per cent of the natural gas produced in the province from automatic environmental assessment rev...

New Ski Resort A Violation, Court Hears

CP | Vivian Luk, The Canadian Press | Posted 03.08.2014 | Canada Alberta

VANCOUVER - A pristine region in southeastern British Columbia known to the local First Nation as Qat'muk, the place where "grizzly bear spirits" gath...

Jumbo Municipality To Be Created With No Residents

CBC | Posted 04.21.2013 | Canada British Columbia

The B.C. government will officially create the Mountain Resort Municipality of Jumbo Glacier with a new mayor and council, but no residents, despite o...

Controversial Jumbo Glacier Now A B.C. Municipality

The Huffington Post Canada | Posted 11.20.2012 | Canada Alberta

After 20 years of heated debate, B.C. officially announced on Tuesday the creation of the Jumbo Glacier resort municipality. Community Development ...