Jury Duty

How Getting Out of Jury Duty Got Susan Cole on Probation

Denver cosmetologist, Susan Cole, claimed to have PTSD, so Denver District Judge Anne Mansfield quickly dismissed Cole from jury duty. But Cole is also an author, and when she was on a local radio talk show a few months later, she openly bragged about how she'd scammed her way out of the jury box. One problem: Judge Mansfield was listening that day.

How to Avoid Jury Duty

I said I had been an acquaintance and had maintained contact with [serial killer] Clifford Olson for over 20 years; that I considered myself a friend of Leonard Peltier, who was serving a life for the murder of two FBI agents; and I was a friend of the late Laurie ["Bambi"] Bembenk who had been convicted of murder.

Jury Duty Unfair?

As jurors in the Shafia murder trial returned to a Kingston, Ont., courtroom Tuesday, at least some of them were no doubt getting increasingly anxious about the financial toll the lengthy trial could...