Just For Laughs Montreal

What I Learned This Week: The Secret Power of the Night

It's a strange dichotomy I live these days, the two week eye-of-the-storm frenzy of the Just For Laughs Festival. And although the experience is indeed unique, I suspect it is a wide-reaching metaphor for those not as (plant tongue firmly in cheek now) "fortunate" to make their living in the business of show.

What I Learned This Week: Charity Starts at Home

Now, I give a lot of money and a lot of time to charitable causes. Yet many times I find myself dressed up and wondering "Just who/what am I raising money for tonight?" But if you give without thought, without conviction, without understanding what you can REALLY do to help, what are you really giving?

Staff Walks During Comedy Festival

About 70 workers picketed Wednesday afternoon in front of the Hyatt Regency Hotel in downtown Montreal, where many Just for Laughs festival comedians are staying. The manager of the hotel, Raymond So...